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    [Shawn Wigs]
    You should be thankful, brother man, life is a struggle
    You little Barnum and Bailey clowns, can't fuck with the hustle
    You wanna juggle, I scramble on the block like eggs and fuck
    Drunk white girls, behind the bush and kegs, take crack to my legs
    I smoke twenties of the skama, I don't fuck with regs
    Give me a break, I keep my kit kat in my pants
    Who wanna blow me, cuz I don't got time for romance
    Got a brand new truck with no shoes on the whip
    I mean none, that bitch is just sitting on bricks
    It's my fault, shouldn't let the spree sit in the hood
    With no locks on the wheels, love is love, it's all good
    Cop a new pair, that's a donation to the block
    Got Roc-A-Fella money, but ain't, the-the Roc
    This is Starks Enterprise, fourth coming of the truth
    We old school playa, taking it back to Troops
    [Shawn Wigs]
    Life is a bakery, smoke til I cough up a long
    Got a mean Aftermath like Andre Young
    Milky Way rocks, socks with the face of Versace
    Times Square posters of me and John Gotti
    Snipe with the rifle, double pump shotty
    Coked up, slumped over with my nose all snotty
    Twenties on the back of the whip, tens in the front
    Ski goggles on the Benz, with the engine in the trunk
    I'mma gangsta, the shoes on my whip got chips
    And I live down the block, because of some slip disk
    Rock on wrists, new key slang socialist
    '03, putting bounties on the heads of these terrorists
    [Shawn Wigs]
    Aiyo, fresh off the Island, I fiend for raw fish
    Murder green weed and my heart won't switch
    I'm stubborn, tuck ya little brownies in the oven
    I bake cakes, milk big labels like shakes
    For advances and office space, I want Russell's place
    The original's back, fuck the fakes
    Ya'll flakes can't rock, we '52 pick-up
    New face in the game, your whole crew got shook up

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