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Can't Live A Day letra

     Can't Live A Day

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     Can't Live A Day
    >> Avalon
        I could live life alone
    And never fill the longings of my heart
    The healing warmth of someone's arms
    And I could live without dreams
    And never know the thrill of what could be
    With every star so far and out of reach
    I could live without many things
    And I could carry on, but...
    I couldn't face my life tomorrow
    Without Your hope in my heart I know
    I can't live a day without You
    Lord, there's no night and there's no morning
    Without Your loving arms to hold me
    You're the heartbeat of all I do
    I can't live a day without You
    I could travel the world
    See all the wonders beautiful and new
    They'd only make me think of You
    And I could have all life offers
    Riches that were far beyond compare
    To grant my every wish without a care
    Oh, I could do anything, oh yes
    But if You weren't in it all...
    Oh, Jesus, I live because You live
    You're like the air I breathe
    Oh, Jesus, I have because You give
    You're everything to me

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