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Eternal Flame letra

     Eternal Flame

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     Eternal Flame
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        Eternal Flame
    I walk across the land
    Where the mountains rise
    A strong and cold wind blowing hard
    And the flawless stone hides
    The reason for my journey burns
    Can't you see the glow
    A world beyond the promised land
    On the road until the end
    Eternal flame
    That shines the night
    I'm away till the morning light
    Eternal flame
    That shines the night
    I'm away till the morning light
    Eternal flame
    I'm awake
    Joining one with all
    Into the sky I'll fly
    I walk across the land
    Where the holy river flows
    The people gather to its banks
    Where the lotus flower grows
    Revealing all the secret shades
    So can you feel the might?
    My journey back to my motherland
    Unfolding a serving hand
    ... I see the white up in the dawning sky
    It carries me to mystic shores
    Gonna leave you 'cause I'm begging for more
    We've known each other so long,
    I know, way before
    The winds will take me so far away
    I'll leave you behind, but I'm longing to stay
    We'll be together again,
    I know, another day
    Everything is suffering
    Striving for live
    Give up the craving
    And what remains...
    The eightfold path
    The end

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