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Only For The Weak letra

     Only For The Weak

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     Only For The Weak
    >> Avalon
        Some say it's rules and regulations
    And trying to always be right
    No room for mistakes in the choices we make
    For only the strong survive
    But it's not about perfect performance
    Or resolution of will
    It's all about surrender
    Giving up
    Being still
    Chorus: It's only for the weak
    For the faint of heart
    Those driven to their knees
    Those who live with scars
    There's power from beyond
    We're certain where it's from
    And that's our source of strength
    Before we follow Christ
    We need to be advised
    It's only for the weak
    He welcomes the worn and weary
    All who are wounded by sin
    And just as we are, we can fall in His arms
    Rest and find shelter in Him
    Seems like each day is a battle
    With burdens and struggles to face
    Only in our losing
    Do we really see how much we've gained
    The Father always starts
    With a willing heart
    Open to how He moves
    As His Spirit is poured
    He will do so much more
    Than we dreamed He could do
    (Chorus twice)

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