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Speed Of Light letra

     Speed Of Light

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     Speed Of Light
    >> Avalon
        3 a.m. and you're tossing in your bed
    Thoughts are turning in your head
    You're hanging on, but how much longer
    Why do empty things you pour your soul into
    Never fill that void in you
    Makes you wonder

    There are shadows hanging over you
    I know you wish that you could see beyond
    But it's always darkest before the dawn

    Love at the speed of light
    Comes on the darkest night
    Only takes a moment to change a life
    All of us need his love
    Come see the wonder of
    The miracle that happens when we believe
    Love at the speed of light
    Comes on the darkest night
    Only takes a moment to make us right
    We can believe in love
    We can be free at the speed of light

    I've heard it said the peace of mind that you desire
    Is in the power that you acquire
    You're moving up, but how much longer
    What's it matter if you gain a wealth of gold
    But in the process lose your soul
    You have to wonder

    There is a darkness surrounding you
    I hear you pray that you could see the sun
    And that's the moment your freedom comes

    Break away, leave the cold night
    Steal away, from the shadows
    Break away, leave the old life
    Dance away, from the dark

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