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As Of Sin letra

     As Of Sin

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     As Of Sin
    >> Avril Lavigne
        Thy wicked beauty haunts me
    When dreams of thee I dream
    Revealing truths of midnight
    And all that lies within
    The nightly temptest is thee
    From the shadowy dusk
    With ember eyes of fire
    And a heart of sin

    "....Dream with me as I dreamt of thee
    During ancient times and those to come
    Feel the pleasures of thee in my dreams
    As of thee, as of sin...."

    Thy whispers in the forest dark
    Stalks me through the night
    Of passion and of dreaming
    Thy answer waits for me

    Meetings under moons so full
    Their light is thy seal
    Combined with sinners glory
    I am waiting just for thee

    Mistress of one thousand years
    Which I all have dreamt
    Thy vision is now crystal clear
    And my soul is bound

    I wait for thee, when thee call
    And call thee will, I know
    When dawn is following the dusk
    We sleep beneath the frozen ground

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