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Everything Back But You (b-side) letra

     Everything Back But You (b-side)

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     Everything Back But You (b-side)
    >> Avril Lavigne
        I could be so rude
    But you're so stupid
    You're so lazy
    And you are running away from me
    All this time i was thinking
    of what i should do
    And now I realized what I want
    I want everything back but you
    All my friend were telling me you were the one
    But I'm better when I am by my own
    You let me down
    You don't deserve all this
    of what I am,I'm stronger then you
    You don't know ,All the things I can do
    For me.. For my happines
    You're a loveless
    So don't let me down like you always do
    Because you're gone ,and I want
    Everything back but you

    Pack up your stuff
    But I don't wanna see
    This is to good to me
    That I cannot belive
    You're gone
    Your motherfucker ,I'm srong!
    Your fucking looser, You suck!
    And all the things I gave to you
    I want everything back ...
    but you.

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