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Flag Above My Door letra

     Flag Above My Door

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     Flag Above My Door
    >> Avril Lavigne
        I know that you would question
    As I still can loving you
    To still keep my head above
    [verse 2]
    E since that I will not say it
    E I cannot indicate it
    Perhaps I will give above
    Is all the revenge joust with a suggestion of what you desire that had property?
    E I could only dissimulate I do not have me that to face the facts, me I think that
    Well i will place only myself for low
    I will put my hands above and will surrender
    He will always have a flag above of my door
    I am in the love
    I desire that you could be.
    [verse 3]
    E if we finding in them with
    Which I am certain we
    E what he was there
    I am hidden still I will obstruct mem'ries
    E to arrest my tongue-piece
    E we want both we act taste
    I moved myself on.
    [refrão] [3x]

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