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Loyal letra


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    >> Beyonce
        Just got rich,
    Being broke was a bitch
    These niggas ain't loyal
    Fuck it all the shit that he did!

    These hoes ain't gone, I'm gone
    These hoes can't do what I do
    These hoes don't think that I know it
    And you know I had it real in me

    But shit OK,
    Take your money, I'mma go my way!
    These niggas ain't loyal,
    And that's why is the song I sing

    And it just got rich
    Me and my girls ..to take as a trip
    One time for my niggas in the shit
    Uh, these hoes ain't got a thing on me, no!
    No, these bitches ain't got nothing on me

    Oh, but when I do what I do
    Stunting me and my crew
    I had your back when you were
    I would stare and you know it's true!

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