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Temptations letra


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    >> Beyonce
        (Chorus 4x)
    I know you see me watching you
    And I see you watching me
    Cuz boy your body's callin'
    The temptation is killin' me
    I'm chillin' at the spot and my posse's 4 deep
    Had my man on my mind, turn my head, what did I see
    The fellas lookin' fly, there was one that caught my
    So I bit my lip, switched my hips as I walked by
    Sayin' "Sexy boy, you so fly
    I just might give you a try
    I'ma write yo' number in the palm of my hand
    Oops, I forgot I got a man"
    (Chorus 4x)
    I'm thinkin' to myself, should I even take the chance?
    Should I do what's on my mind or should I stay down
    with my man?
    This boy here got me fiendin' and I'm wantin' him so
    Should I chill when I'm with him
    and risk everything I have
    Saying "Sexy boy, you so fly
    I wish I could give you a try
    But my man's at home waiting for me by the phone
    Sorry, can't get my groove on"
    (Chorus 4x)
    (Bridge 2x)
    Temptation is callin'
    I be wantin' you so bad I could cry
    Relationship's callin' me
    To do what's wrong, but I gotta do right
    (Chorus 4x)
    (Bridge 2x)
    (Chorus to fade)

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