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Cat Like Thief letra

     Cat Like Thief

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     Cat Like Thief
    >> Blink 182
    I felt that I can but i can't complain
    Another First step could drive me insane
    I only got myself here to blame
    So I shake off the feeling and I start again
    Oh no I said I wanna come back
    But I can, really should and I gonna come back
    Yeah, make a deal like that I keep my head up
    But I never react

    I wrote it down a list amonth ago
    16 chapters of one thing you've blown
    The best thing yet to help you through and through
    That she was I feel her more than you

    Don't leave
    Don't leave her

    I get up just to get knocked back down
    I sit up just to get knocked all around
    I wanna say something but your out of town
    I don't wanna have another show down
    I said stand up Hey! Yo! Let's make it clear
    Follow your home No! Do what I dare
    You saw me coming you Jump! You disappear
    Oh no everything seems so clear
    You think you see me her all day long
    I got my crew coming and there
    1 by 1, 2 by 2, 3 by 3, 4 by 4
    Let's do some more

    Call me back when word is that she's gone
    Cat like thief She stole air from my lungs
    Leave me standing on this lonely grave
    I dug it out in case she turs away

    Chours 5x

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