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Dead Man's Curve letra

     Dead Man's Curve

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     Dead Man's Curve
    >> Blink 182
        I was cruising in my StingRay late one night,
    when an XKE pulled up on the right.
    He pulled down the window of his shiny new jag,
    and challenged me then and there to a drag.
    I said "You're on buddy, my mills runnin fine,
    let's come off the line now at Sunset and Vine.
    I'll go you one better if you've got the nerve,
    lets race all the way to 'Dead Man's Curve.'"

    Ooh ooh ooh Deadman's Curve
    ooh ooh ooh Deadman's Curve
    Won't come back from Deadman's Curve

    The street was desserted late friday night
    We were buggin eachother while we sat at the light
    We both popped the clutch when the light turned green-
    you should've heard the whine from my screamin machine

    I flew passed the LaBrea, Schwabs, and Crescent Heights,
    and all that Jag could see were my 6 tail lights.
    He passed me at Doheny and I started to swerve.
    I pulled her out and there we were at Deadman's Curve.

    Ooh ooh ooh

    "Well the last thing I remember doc, I started to swerve"
    "And then I saw the jag slide into the curve..
    I'll never forget that horrible sight."
    "And this I found out for myelf: that everyone was right."

    Won't come back from Deadman's Curve
    deadman's curve (ooh ooh ooh) to fade

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