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Getaway letra


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    >> Bryan Adams
        drove all night from new york city
    in your best friend´s car
    knocked on my door about five thirty
    nursing a broken heart
    still got you keys in your back pocket - still got your jacket on
    back door´s o[en baby - i don´t lock it
    we can leave any time we want

    i got my motor runnin´ - fingers drummin´
    i never planned to stay
    getaway - ya know it´s now or never
    getaway - nobody lives forever
    we´re only waitin´ just to make our getaway

    hey baby were good together
    seemed like you´d always be my girl
    but looking back now we were just too clever
    thinking love could change the world
    ya know there´s no point in waitin´ - hesitating
    we gotta leave today...

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