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She's Got A Way letra

     She's Got A Way

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     She's Got A Way
    >> Bryan Adams
        She's got a way
    Of getting inside your soul
    She'd breach the walls of Jericho
    Make you fall like virgin snow
    Sshe's got a smile
    Makes you forget the things
    You were only
    Just thinking about
    It kind of turns me inside out
    And if i try to conceal
    She's got a way to reveal
    I feel so naked
    I feel so totally exposed
    It's such a mystery
    How she seems to know
    Every part of me
    I feel so shaken
    And it's like
    Everybody knows
    Whenever she touches me
    No one else can feel
    As much as me
    Ya she's got a way
    She's got a way
    Of taming the wild in me
    With patience and serenity
    I'm drowning in her revery
    And i can't run away
    She's got a way
    To make me stay
    She comes to me like rain
    Falls down my window
    Sure as night will follow day
    I'll surrender
    ya she's got a way

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