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Something To Believe In letra

     Something To Believe In

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     Something To Believe In
    >> Bryan Adams
        It's funny what goes
    Through your mind
    When you think of times
    You spent together
    Funny but when i think back
    Why we broke up
    The reasons seem so small
    One day she's with me
    Everything's fine
    Sayin' somethin'
    Sounded like I love you
    The next week
    I see her
    Walkin' down the street
    With someone else
    Probably sayin'
    The same thing
    It's doin' my brain in
    I got nothin
    Goin' nowhere
    Of under achieving
    I keep searchin'
    Nothin's workin'
    It's not enough
    Just to be breathin'
    I need somethin'
    To believe in
    It's funny what goes
    On in your head
    When you think about the way
    Things come together
    But now i think back
    Why things had to change
    The reasons seem so small
    Cruel twist of fate
    Keepin' me awake
    When i need to sleep
    To take away the hurtin'
    But now i got time on my hands
    Tryin' to understand
    But there ain't no explainin'
    It's doin' my brain in

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