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The Only One letra

     The Only One

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     The Only One
    >> Bryan Adams
        Well I made up my mind
    Not gonna let you get away
    To think that I'm the lucky guy
    I've almost got it made
    Cause it's been so long
    Since I've felt so strong
    About anyone at all
    I get so excited
    I ain't gonna fight it
    I think I might be fallin' in love
    So come on - let's get it right
    Cause you're the only one
    So come on - we ain't got all night
    Cause you're the only one
    Last night
    I thought you mighta stayed
    If I'd a' had the guts
    I woulda pushed my luck
    But then you mighta turned away
    How do I explain
    I know it sounds insane
    But then I've been though this before
    In just a matter of time
    You could change your mind
    You could turn and walk right through that door
    So come on - let's get it straight
    Cause you're the only one
    So come on - I just can't wait
    Cause you're the only one

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