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We're Gonna Win letra

     We're Gonna Win

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     We're Gonna Win
    >> Bryan Adams
        We're gonna win
    don't wanna be a loser - gonna win
    cuz winnin'really is the only thing
    get out of the way we're comin in
    if ya wanna fight just step inside the ring
    does anybody wanna take a swing?
    it's gotta be all or nothing
    oh we're gonna be the champions
    ya we're gonna win win
    we're gonna win
    forget about a draw - we gonna score
    and then we're gonna get a few more
    maybe another one just to be sure
    we'll make ya look just like an amateur
    until the final whistle it's a war
    and then we gonna pick ya off the floor
    we wanna hear the crowded really roar
    ya - we're comin'in we gonna win win
    we're gonna win - we
    wanna win
    cuz number one is
    we're gonna win - we wanna win
    we're gonna be the champions
    we're gonna win

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