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Love is all we need letra

     Love is all we need

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     Love is all we need
    >> Celine Dion
        She was living in a perfect house
    With pictures of smiling faces
    But there's a different story told inside
    Underneath it all
    With the sunglasses and makeup on
    Blaming the stairs at Macy's
    They all knewÂ…
    (No one even asked; is something wrong?)
    So they wait
    Now she's goneÂ…
    I don't understand the concept of
    The power of one is stronger
    Why don't people seem to care at all
    As long as it's not about them
    I sayÂ…
    I guess we've underestimated love
    Or why would we hurt each other
    Don't you find that ironical
    When love is all we need
    Oh yeahÂ…
    He is living down his sunset strip
    Singing the blues for money
    It's easy just to look the other way
    When you have it all
    He's reaching out to find a helping hand
    But nobody seems to bother
    Hear them sayÂ…
    (It's not my problem so it's not my call)
    You're on your own
    Through it allÂ…
    When it all becomes too real
    We have a tendency to be
    Too scared to face it
    It's breaking my heart to seeÂ…
    When love is all we neeeeeeeeedÂ…

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