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Rain, Tax (It's Inevitable) letra

     Rain, Tax (It's Inevitable)

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     Rain, Tax (It's Inevitable)
    >> Celine Dion
        Rain, Tax (It's Inevitable)
    (Celine Dion)

    I did not know there was a planSomewhere a perfect manI don't believe in the starsYou smiled at my pretenseAs you broke down my defensesJust want to be where you areLove ain't like fashionThe look remains the sameI'll wear your heart forever'Cause some things never changeLike rain, taxAfter lightning the thunder cracks (it's inevitable)Sooner or later it had to come trueLike rain, taxWeeds grow up through the pavement cracks(it's inevitable)You see what I wantWhat I want is youThrough that life was logicalLove was a miracleThat happened to someone else, not meBaby I musta said a little prayerSuddenly I looked up, you were thereAnd the rest is historyI don't want to be an island any moreJust resign yourself'Cause there's one thing for sureLike rain, tax, etc...It had to be you, it had to be youSay you'll be here foreverYou and me here togetherWhen will you see what I wantWhat I want is youLike rain, tax, etc...

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