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Bunkermoon Khaos 3 letra

     Bunkermoon Khaos 3

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     Bunkermoon Khaos 3
    >> Count Nosferatu Kommando
        [The silent happy war you love to hate, or hate to love]
    Oh God I felt into War
    I felt into the tears of the human race
    A restless red river flowing through this world
    Masters of War - Masters of Hate
    Your names are tatooed upon my chest
    Life has no value - Life is Death
    Destroy it now and pay the rent
    To rape and to kill is the only fucking law
    Mass murder religion
    Mass media corporation
    Blood shall be spilled
    There is no turning back
    The end of your procession
    Error in the program
    All files will be erased
    Give praise to your Guru
    Follow him in Death and shut the fuck up
    Poor lambs of God
    Living meanly and voting obediently
    Believing the lie
    I want you dead
    Total War - Death to all
    World War Three
    Dobermann Pinscher power
    I'm the executioner
    Domination then Destruction
    Only solution
    Glory to the blinds - World War Three
    Total Genocide - World War Three
    Collective Suicide - World War Three
    You deserve to die - World War Three
    Ultraviolence Über Alles

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