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Jim Beamed Ahnenerbe TV letra

     Jim Beamed Ahnenerbe TV

    >> Todas as letras de "Count Nosferatu Kommando"
     Jim Beamed Ahnenerbe TV
    >> Count Nosferatu Kommando
        [The ultimate dark occult worship right from your TV / WWW]
    Cum to me my children
    United we stand with strenght
    Vortex of the Gods, twilight of the Storm
    Destroying the icon, unchaining the wolves
    Blood and persecution
    Tyranny for perfection
    Hate and wisdom shall lead us to the end
    Symbols of War, night of revelation
    Ahnenerbe, soldiers of the void
    Open wide the gates to the ultimate knowledge
    Welcome to the Abyss, the world Redemption
    Kneel before your master, your God, and remember
    That I have seen the light of Javhe
    I have drunk the blood of Jesus
    I am the chosen one
    None shall fuck with me right now
    We worship the sacred Hammer !
    We worship the New Cross !
    Chaos !
    Subversion is the purity unknown
    Come to me across rivers of blood
    Swim and swim within the human remains
    Ahnenerbe reconstruction
    I am the saviour of this red inversion
    I'll take power from the will of the Lord
    My eyes are raping your world of deep uselessness
    My fate insult your stream of fucking consciousness
    We worship the sacred Hammer
    A weapon against this world
    We worship the New Cross
    The ultimate violation
    We worship the sacred Emerald
    Only way to Redemption
    We worship the New cross
    The War has just begun

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