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King Of New York letra

     King Of New York

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     King Of New York
    >> D Schoolly
        Muthafuck it, I get straight to the point
    You don't dig what I'm sayin, then fuck you
    Cause sellin drugs only job that a nigga got
    Sellin caine to the kids in the parkin lot
    Some niggas live, some niggas gotta get dropped
    You say 'damn' - my man, you don't understand
    How could you be so cold to a brotherman?
    Don't come around here teachin and preachin
    Because a nigga like me you ain't reachin
    Cause all I care about is sellin my lleyo
    Makin money like a nigga make mayo
    Toke on weed, sippin on my Olde E
    All the crackheads all on my wee-wee
    Rollin hard in a rag-top Volvo
    911 on my ass, I'ma roll on
    You don't understand where a brother comin from
    That's why young black men always on the run
    You either gangbang, or you get hanged
    Kill another nigga, it ain't no thang
    (Gangster Boogie)
    Pull a 8 on a nigga, say 'fuck you'
    Then pull away in my BMW
    Cause on the street you gotta be a little meaner
    But that's how my pockets get greener
    Runnin shit, gotta be a little candid
    Some time you be a little a bandit
    Sellin dope out of my crackhouse
    You either kick game, or you get gamed
    (You don't know the pain)
    (Kick that shit)
    King of New York
    Yo muthafucka, it's time to get rolled on
    Strolled on, you better get a hold on
    How the fuck you expect me to get back
    If I never had to pull on my git-gat?
    Because to me it ain't nothin but a killin
    That's how a nigga be feelin
    I call a homie on the mobile [dialing]
    What up, my nigga, it's about that time
    Grab the Uzi, the eight and the nine
    When a nigga be rollin on the ave
    Sometime it gonna be a blood bath
    But when I'm comin, no playin, no jokin
    I let the Uzi and nine be smokin
    Alright now, back to my tale, yo
    Spot the nigga on the corner sellin lleyo
    Pull up, "Yo, what up, gee?"
    He didn't see my nigga in the backseat
    All I heard was "Please don't shoot!"
    [shots] grabbed the caine and the loot
    (It's like that, and that's the way it is)
    (So damn) (tough)
    Now a nigga on the top of the world, see
    I got the women, the dope and the jewelry
    I'm livin large in a fat-ass crib
    Don't give a damn about the shit I just did
    Then I heard a knock-knock at my door
    Said "Oh shit!" - I hit the floor
    One of my homies on the ave was a big snitch
    I said "Oh shit!" - jumped through the window
    Bullets were flyin, people was cryin
    Fuck it, some nigga was dyin
    You either gas on or you get gased
    Now I die with a bullet in my ass
    (So damn) (tough)
    (So damn) (tough)
    King of New York
    (Two years ago a friend of mine)
    [Run] (Two years ago a friend of mine)
    [Dr. Dre] (They try to be like me)

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