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Go The Distance letra

     Go The Distance

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     Go The Distance
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        I have often dreamed
    Of a far off place
    Where a heros welcome
    Would be waiting for me
    Where the crowds will cheer when they see my face
    And a voice keeps sayin'
    This is where I'm meant to be

    I'll be there some day
    I can go the distance
    I will find my way
    If I can be strong
    I know every mile
    Will be worth my while
    When I go the distance
    I'll be right where I belong

    Down an un-known road
    To embrace my fate
    Though that road may wander
    It will lead me to you.
    And a thousand years
    Would be worth the wait
    It might take a lifetime
    But somehow I'll make it through.

    And I won't look back
    I can go the distance
    And I'll stay on track
    No I won't accept defeat.
    It's an uphill slope
    But I won't loose hope
    Til' I go the distance
    And my journey is complete.

    Oh yeah.

    But to look beyond the glory is the hardest part
    For a hero's strength is measured by his heart.

    Ahh uhh ahh uhh uhh ahh uhh uhh uhh uhh. Ahhh. AHHH. (Sing up scale)

    Like a shooting star
    I will go the distance
    I will search the world
    I will face it's harms.
    I don't care how far
    I can go the distance til' I find my hero's welcome
    Waiting in your arms.

    I will search the world
    I will face it's harms
    Til' I find my hero's welcome
    In... your arms.

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