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Hércules - The Gospel Truth I letra

     Hércules - The Gospel Truth I

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     Hércules - The Gospel Truth I
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        Back when the world was new
    The planet Earth was down on its luck
    And everywhere gigantic brutes
    called Titans ran amok
    It was a nasty place
    There was a mess
    whereever you stepped
    Where chaos reigned and
    earthquakes and volcanoes never slept
    And then along came Zeus
    He hurled his thunderbolt
    He zapped
    Locked those suckers in a vault
    They're trapped
    And on his own stopped
    chaos in its tracks
    And that's the gospel truth
    The guy was too type A to just relax
    And that's the world's first dish
    Zeus tamed the globe
    while still in his youth
    Though, honey, it may seem imposs'ble
    That's the gospel truth
    On Mt. Olympus life was neat and
    Smooth as sweet vermough
    Though, honey, it may seem imposs'ble
    That's the gospel truth

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