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Maybe letra


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        Maybe far away, or maybe real near by.
    He may be pouring her coffee, She may be Straightning his tie.
    Maybe in a house all hidden by a hill,
    She's sittin' playin' Piano, He's sittin' payin' a bill.

    Betcha they're young. Betcha they're smart,
    Bet they collect things like ashtrays and art.
    Betcha there good. Why shouldn't they be?
    Their one mistake was giving up me.

    So maybe now it's time,
    Or maybe when I wake,
    They'll be there calling me baby,

    Betcha he reads. Betcha she sews.
    Maybe she's made me a closet of clothes.
    Maybe they're strict as straight as a line.
    Don't really care as long as they're mine.

    So Maybe now this prayer's,
    the last one of it's kind.
    Won't you please come get your baby,

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