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Prince Ali letra

     Prince Ali

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     Prince Ali
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        Jafar :
    Prince Ali,
    Yes, it is he,
    But not as you know him,

    Read my lips,
    and come to grips,
    with reality.

    Yes meet a blast from your past,
    Who's lies were to good to last!
    Say Hello to your precious Prince Ali.

    Iago: Or should we say ALADDIN?!?!
    Aladdin: Jasmine, I tried to tell you!

    So Ali turns out to be,
    merely Aladdin.

    Just a con,
    Need I go on,
    Take it from me

    His personality flaws,
    So give me adequate cause,
    To send him packing on a one-way trip
    So His prospects take a terminal dip

    His assets are frozen, The venue's chosen,
    To the ends o the earth WHOPEE!
    So long

    Iago: Goodbye, see ya
    Jafar: Ex-Prince Ali!


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