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Weekenders Theme letra

     Weekenders Theme

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     Weekenders Theme
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        Everybody's running and the world it gets so crazy,
    When you work so hard there's no time to be lazy,
    The weekend comes I'm down with that,
    Grab your ball, grab your bat,
    Head to the beach, grab some rays,
    Better hurry up just got two days,
    Playing games,
    Hanging out,
    Theres no doubt,
    Go to the mall,
    Lot of fun,
    It's time for all of us to bring it on out,
    Hey thats what the weekends all about,
    Best buds, hanging strong,
    Best friends can do no wrong,
    Just two days, when we roll,
    Video games I'll beat your score,
    Watch cartoons, on TV,
    Drink that frosty chuggafreeze,
    That's what we like to do,
    C'mon y'all, I'm talkin' to you!
    I'm a livin' for the weekend,
    I'm a livin' for the weekend.

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