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Heavy Traffic letra

     Heavy Traffic

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     Heavy Traffic
    >> Elton John
        Shakey wake up thirsty from a night in the bar
    And snake hips Joe is Mr. Cool
    Out on the boulevard
    The pimp from the Jack of Diamonds
    Just got another Jane Doe
    She just got off the last bus from Montecedo
    Sailor boys find trouble in the alien state
    It's one on one from Las Palmas to the Golden Gate
    Fly boys on the corner waiting for a ride
    For twenty bucks he'll pull the cork on the man inside
    `Cause we're rolling in heavy traffic
    Judy's in the jump seat and Jody's in the bucket
    Billy likes to drive and Jackie's just high
    And Cindy thinks we're all gonna commit suicide
    `Cause we're rolling in heavy traffic
    Yeah we're rolling in heavy traffic
    Mack he's got his Marlboros tucked up in his sleeve
    He's shacked up in his basement making P.C.P.
    He used to shake the french fries
    Down on 12th and Maine
    And now he stays up nights on apple juice and cocaine

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