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Understanding (Sound Alseep Version) letra

     Understanding (Sound Alseep Version)

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     Understanding (Sound Alseep Version)
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        "You hold the answer"

    The pain that grips you
    The fear that binds you
    Oh, releases life in me
    In our mutual shame we hide our eyes
    To blind them from the truth
    That finds a way from who we are

    Please don't be afraid
    When the darkness fades away
    The dawn will break the silence
    Screaming at our hearts

    My love for you still grows, this I do for you
    For I try to fight the truth, my final time

    Can't wash it all away
    Can't wish it all away
    Can't cry it all away
    Can't scratch it all away

    Lying beside you listening to you breathe
    The light that flows inside of you
    Burns inside of me

    Hold and speak to me of love without a sound
    Tell me you will live through this
    And I will die for you

    I will die for you

    Cast me not away, say you'll be with me
    For I know I cannot bear it all alone

    Can't fight it all away
    Can't hope it all away
    Can't scream it all away
    It just won't fade away

    I tried so hard, so hard, cryed and cryed.

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