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A Dreamer's Holiday letra

     A Dreamer's Holiday

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     A Dreamer's Holiday
    >> Frank Sinatra
        Climb up on a butterfly and take off on the breeze,
    Let your worries flutter by, and do the things you please,
    In the land where dollar bills would be falling off the trees,
    On a dreamer's holiday.
    Everyday for breakfast, there's a dish of scrambled stars,
    And for luncheon you'll be munching rainbow candy bars,
    You'll be living in a la mode on Jupiter or Mars,
    On a dreamer's holiday.
    Make it a long vacation, time there is plenty of,
    You need no reservation, just bring along the one that you love.
    Help yourself to happiness, and sprinkle it with mirth,
    Close your eyes and concentrate and dream for all you're worth,
    You will feel terrific when you get back down to earth

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