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House I Live in letra

     House I Live in

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     House I Live in
    >> Frank Sinatra
        What is america to me
    A name, a map, or a flag I see
    A certain word, democracy
    What is america to me
    The house I live in
    A plot of earth, a street
    The grocer and the butcher
    And the people that I meet
    The children in the playground
    The faces that I see
    All races and religions
    That's america to me
    The place I work in
    The worker by my side
    The little town or city
    Where my people lived and died
    The howdy and the handshake
    The air of feeling free
    And the right to speak my mind out
    That's america to me
    The things I see about me
    The big things and the small
    The little corner newsstand
    And the house a mile tall
    The wedding and the churchyard
    The laughter and the tears
    The dream that's been a growing
    For a hundred and fifty years
    The town I live in
    The street, the house, the room
    The pavement of the city
    Or a garden all in bloom
    The church the school the clubhouse
    The million lights I see
    But especially the people
    That's america to me

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