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It's the Same Old Dream letra

     It's the Same Old Dream

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     It's the Same Old Dream
    >> Frank Sinatra
        I can see a steeple - surrounded by people
    Oh how real it all starts to seem
    Just as the choir is singing - my alarm starts ringing
    It's the same old dream
    And then my thoughts inspire - a scene by a fire
    In a cottage close by a stream
    I know it all by heart now - we're about to part now
    It's the same old dream
    If you but knew
    How many times I pretend - that I'm with you
    I'm sure your heart would unbend - you'd see me through
    Until my dream had a happy ending
    And I can picture clearly - the things I love dearly
    In the center you reign supreme
    We kiss and I discover - I'm a lonesome lover
    It's the same old dream

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