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Thanks For the Memories letra

     Thanks For the Memories

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     Thanks For the Memories
    >> Frank Sinatra
        Thanks for the memory
    Of things I can't forget
    Journeys on a jet
    Our wond'rous week in Martinique
    And Vegas and roulette
    How lucky I was
    And thanks for the memory
    Of summers by the sea
    Dawn in Waikiki
    We had a pad in London
    But we didn't stop for tea
    How cozy it was
    Now since our breakup I wake up
    Alone on a gray morning-after
    I long for the sound of your laughter
    And then I see the laugh's on me
    But thanks for the memory
    Of every touch a thrill
    I've been through the mill
    I've lived a lot and learned a lot
    You loved me not and still
    I miss you so much
    Thanks for the memory
    Of how we used to jog
    Even in a fog
    That barbecue in Malibu
    Away from all the smog
    How rainy it was
    Thanks for the memory
    Of letters I destroyed
    Books that we enjoyed
    Tonight the way things look
    I need a book by Sigmund Freud
    How brainy he was
    Gone are those evenings on Broadway
    Together we'd go to a great show
    But now I begin with the Late Show
    And wish that you
    Were watching, too
    I know it's a fallacy
    That grown men never cry
    Baby, that's a lie
    We had our bed of roses
    But forgot that roses die
    And thank you so much

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