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The Birth of the Blues letra

     The Birth of the Blues

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     The Birth of the Blues
    >> Frank Sinatra
        These are the blues
    Nothing but blues
    Oh, they say some people long ago
    Were searching for a diffrent tune
    One that they could croon
    As only they can
    They only had the rhythm
    They started swaying to and fro
    They didn't know just what to use
    That is how the blues really began
    They heard the breeze in the trees
    Singing weird melodies
    And they made that the start, the start of the blues
    And from a jail came the wail
    Of a down-hearted frail
    And they played that
    As part of the blues
    From a whippoorwill
    Way up on a hill
    They took a new note
    Pushed it through a horn
    Until it was worn
    Into a blue note
    And then they nursed it
    They rehearsed it
    And then sent out that news
    That the Southland gave birth to the blues
    They nursed it
    And they rehearsed it
    That the Southland they gave birth to the blues

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