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The Summer Wind letra

     The Summer Wind

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     The Summer Wind
    >> Frank Sinatra
        The summer wind came blowin' in
    From across the sea
    It lingered there to touch your hair
    And walk with me

    All summer long
    we sang a song
    And then we strolled that golden sand
    Two sweethearts and the summer wind

    Like painted kites, those days and nights
    They went flying by
    The world was new beneath the blue
    Umbrella sky

    Then softer than a piper man
    One day, it called to you
    I lost you I lost you to
    The summer wind

    The autumn wind
    And the winter winds
    They have come and gone
    And still those days
    Those lonely days
    They go on and on
    And guess who?s sigh`s
    His lullabies through nights that never end
    My fickled friend,
    The summer wind
    The summer wind warm summer wind
    Mmm the summer wind

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