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The Train letra

     The Train

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     The Train
    >> Frank Sinatra
        And now the sun has broken through
    It looks like it will stay
    Just can't have you comin' home
    On such a rainy day
    The train is leaving Ellensville
    Unless my watch is fast
    The kids are comin' home from school
    Must be quarter past
    So many changes since you've been away
    And there's so many things to say
    This time around you'll want to stay
    'Cuz I've had so many nights to find the way
    Even bought that summer cottage yesterday
    Pretty soon I'll be close to you
    And it will be so good
    We'll talk about the part of you
    I never understood
    And I will take good care of you
    And never let you cry
    We will look so much in love
    To people passing by
    So many changes since you've been away
    And there's so many things to say
    I wrote so many times and more
    But the letters still are lying in my drawer
    'Cuz the morning mail had left some time before
    All the passengers for Allentown wait closer to the track
    It's hard for me to realize you're really coming back
    The crossing gate is coming down I think I see the train
    The sun has gone and now my face is wet with heavy rain
    The passengers for Allentown are gone
    The train is slowly moving on
    But I can't see you anyplace
    And I know for sure I'd recognize your face
    And I know for sure I'd recognize your face.

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