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There's A Small Hotel letra

     There's A Small Hotel

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     There's A Small Hotel
    >> Frank Sinatra
    I'd like to get away, Junior
    Somewhere alone with you
    It could be oh, so gay, Junior
    You need a laugh or two
    A certain place I know, Frankie
    Where funny people can have fun
    That's where the two will go, Darling
    Before you can count up
    One, two, three. For ...

    There's a small hotel
    With a wishing well
    I wish that we were there together
    There's a (no) bridal suite
    One room bright and neat
    Complete for us to share together
    Looking through the window
    You can see a distant steeple
    Not a sign of people – who wants people?
    When the steeple bell says,
    "Good night, sleep well,"
    We'll thank the small hotel together

    Pretty window curtains made of chince
    In a make believe land
    On the wall are several cheerful prints
    Of Grant and Grover Cleveland
    Look out into the parlor and feast your eyes
    On the moose head on the wall
    Perhaps you'd like to play the organ
    They tune it every other fall.
    When the steeple bell says,
    "Good night, sleep well,"
    We'll thank the small hotel
    We'll creep into our little shell
    And we will thank the small hotel together

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