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This Happy Madness letra

     This Happy Madness

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     This Happy Madness
    >> Frank Sinatra
        What should I call this happy madness that I feel inside of me
    Sometime of wild October gladness that I never thought I'd see
    What has become of all my sadness all my endless lonely sighs
    Where are my sorrows now
    What happened to the frown and is that self contented clown
    Standing grinning in the mirror really me
    I'd like to run through Central Park carve your initials in the bark
    of every tree I pass for every one to see
    I feel that I've gone back to childhood and I'm skipping through the wildwood
    So excited that I don't know what to do
    What do I care if I'm a juvenile I smile my secret little smile
    Because I know the change in me is you
    What should I call this happy madness all this unexpected joy
    That turned the world into a baby's bouncing toy
    The god's are laughing far above One of them gave a little shove
    And I fell gaily gladly madly into love

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