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Violets for Your Furs letra

     Violets for Your Furs

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     Violets for Your Furs
    >> Frank Sinatra
        It was winter in Manhattan, falling snow flakes filled the air,
    The streets were covered with a film of ice,
    But a little simple magic that I learned about somewhere,
    Changed the weather all around, just within a thrice.
    I bought you violets for your furs and it was spring for a while, remember?
    I bought you violets for your furs and there was April in that December.
    The snow drifted down and the flowers, and that is where it lay.
    The snow looked like dew and the blossoms as on a summer day.
    I bought you violets for your furs and there was blue in the wintry sky,
    You pinned my violets to your furs and gave a lift to the crowds passing by,
    You smiled at me so sweetly, since then one thought occurs,
    That we fell in love completely, the day I bought you violets for your furs.

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