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        Tommy Dorsey: Now here's a fellow, here's a fellow you all know, here's Frankie Sinatra.
    Frank: Hello.
    Tommy: How're you feeling, Frank?
    Frank: Oh, all right. I guess.
    Tommy: You had a bad throat last week sometime, didn't you?
    Frank: Yeah, but it's much better now, thank you.+
    Tommy: Sounds good now, does it?
    Frank Uh huh, we hope.
    Tommy: (laughs) Well, I'll put you to work if you don't mind. You don't mind going to work?
    Frank: Not at all
    Tommy: Tell them about bonds, will you, Frank?
    Frank: (reads) It says here: Are you investing your dollars along with the millions of real
    Americans? Have you joined the ten percent club, investing at least one dollar out of every ten of
    your income every week or pay-day in war bonds? If not, sign up where you work today.
    Tommy: Thank you, Frankie. And you're going to sing, what song? You're going to sing, you know.
    Frank: I'm going to sing Be Careful It's My Heart.
    Tommy: Be Careful It's My Heart with Tommy Dorsey on the trombone. All right now

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