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When the Wind Was Green letra

     When the Wind Was Green

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     When the Wind Was Green
    >> Frank Sinatra
        When the wind was green
    At the start of the spring
    When the wind was green
    Like a living thing
    It was on my lips
    And it's kiss was fair
    You were there
    When the wind was red
    Like a summer wine
    When the wind was red
    Like your lips on mine
    It caressed my face
    And it tossed my hair
    You were there
    Then came the fall and all of love
    Came tumbling, stumbling down
    Like leaves that lost to frost and found
    They were flying-crying
    In a brown wind dying
    But the winter's come and we both should know
    That the wind is white like the swirling snow
    And we'll never see all the wonderful things to be seen
    When the wind is green

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