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Black Skies letra

     Black Skies

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     Black Skies
    >> H-Blockx
        you're sowing the seeds of hate on fields of peace
    curb your vicinity with vanity
    you're proud on each and everyone fallen to your charm,
    you're proud if all you bring is bitter harm
    you're proud on your filthy evil me,
    your personality is kissed by jealousy
    your hunger stilled when you have killed
    other's dreams to be fulfilled,
    the night drapes the skies in sweet release
    black skies, your eyes,
    the night reveals and heals all the pain inside
    your black skies on my mind
    a stiff body sluggishly on the floor
    drives me insane cause I expected more
    with every minute greed grows in me
    and all these silent voices keep tempting me
    from lust to dust, from day to dawn
    filthy soil I smell the lawn
    I long for the night dressed in sweet release
    another day has died, black the sky,
    I licked off the dirt, now it's washed and dried,
    after all this pain you're so far away
    (sweet child o'mine)
    (bye bye)

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