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Step Back letra

     Step Back

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     Step Back
    >> H-Blockx
        Hey yo! This is Dee Bullit from Da P-Pack Posse
    Yo, Some motherfuckers tryin' to sweat my homies from the H-Blockx
    But we ain't going out like that, yo, ya listen up real good
    H-Blockx rollin with Da P-Pack
    Once again - c'mon - here it is gee,
    I'm gonna get things straight you better hear me,
    All ya slingers and fiends of ours lookin for trouble
    Ya better gitcha ass out on the double
    Cuz I'll wake and take ya, shake and bake ya,
    Come and forsake ya to try to make ya,
    Understand the plan that is programmed,
    Because you find yourself in our promised land
    God damned, fools, ya best back up
    All you grudging suckers who try to crack up
    What we got and what we came to achieve,
    Hey yo ya better leave
    Step back - yo ya suckers better get off my back - step back
    Step back - go on - ya better get packed - step back (3x)
    H-Blockx rollin with Da P-Pack
    Ya carry your head too far above your shoulders,
    The longer ya fuss man, my blood runs colder
    Older and older and older I get,
    Cause of the news and the fucked up little lies you spread
    Get packed - MOVE - ya better step back,
    If you just envy what I have, I'll share the stack,
    Just refrain from the pain that you bring me,
    You wanna know all about me just ring me
    To hell with all the prejudice about me,
    If ya only fuss and discuss me ya really disgust me,
    ya know, one thing's gotta be understood,
    I'm a bad motherfucker, gonna wish you would...
    Won't you step back - won't you step back

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