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Garden Song letra

     Garden Song

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     Garden Song
    >> John Denver
        Inch by inch, row by row
    Gonna make this garden grow
    All it takes is a rake and a hoe
    And a piece of fertile ground
    Inch by inch, row by row
    Someone bless these seeds I sow
    Someone warm them from below
    Till the rain comes tumblin down
    Pullin weeds and pickin stones
    Man is made of dreams and bones
    Feel the need to grow my own
    Cause the time is close at hand
    Rainful rain, sun and rain
    Find my way in natures chain
    Tune my body and my brain
    To the music from the land
    Plant your rows straight and long
    Temper them with prayer and song
    Mother Earth will make you strong
    If you give her love and care
    Old crow watchin hungrily
    From his perch in yonder tree
    In my garden Im as free
    As that feathered thief up there

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