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Like A Sad Song letra

     Like A Sad Song

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     Like A Sad Song
    >> John Denver
        Usually in the morning I'm filled with sweet belonging
    And ev'rything is beautiful to see
    Even when it's raining, the sound of heaven singing
    Is simply joyful music to me.
    Sometimes I feel like a sad song
    Like I'm all alone without you.
    So many diff'rent places, a million smiling faces
    Life is so incredible to me
    Especially to be near you and how it is to touch you
    Oh paradise was made for you and me.
    I know that life goes on just perfectly
    And ev'rything is just the way that it should be
    Still there are times when my heart feels like breaking
    And anywhere is where I'd rather be.
    Oh and in the night time I know that it's the right time
    To hold you close and say I love you so
    To have someone to share with
    And someone I can care with
    And that is why I wanted you to know
    Sometimes I feel like a sad song
    Like I'm all alone without you, without you.

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