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Noel, Christmas Eve 1913 letra

     Noel, Christmas Eve 1913

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     Noel, Christmas Eve 1913
    >> John Denver
        A frosty
    Christmas Eve
    When the stars
    Where shining
    I traveled
    For the home
    Where westward
    Falls the hill
    And for many
    Many a village
    In the darkness
    Of the valley
    Distant music
    Reached me
    Peels of bells
    Were ringing
    Then spread
    My thoughts
    To olden times
    To that first
    Of Christmases
    When shepherds
    Who were watching
    Heard music
    In the fields
    And they sat there
    And they marveled
    And they knew
    They could not
    Tell whether
    It were angels
    The bright stars
    A singing
    But to me
    Heard a far
    It was
    Starry music
    The singing
    Of the angels
    The comfort
    Of our Lord
    Of old that come
    A traveling
    By the riches
    Of the times
    And I
    Softly listened
    As I stood
    Upon the hill
    And I
    Softly listened
    As I stood
    Upon the hill

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