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Ravens Child letra

     Ravens Child

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     Ravens Child
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        Ravens child
    Is chasing salvation
    Black beak turned white
    From the crack and the snow
    On the streets of despair
    The answer is simple
    A spoonful of mercy
    Can set free the soul
    The drug king sits
    On his arrogant throne
    Away and above and apart
    Even children
    Are twisted to serve him
    And greed has corrupted
    What once was a heart
    Ravens child
    Keeps vigil for freedom
    Trades for the arms
    That once made her strong
    With nuclear warheads
    And lasers in heaven
    fear does the choosing
    Between right and wrong
    The arms king sits
    On his arrogant throne
    Away and above and apart
    Bankers assure him
    That he neednt care
    And greed makes a stone of
    What once was a heart
    Ravens child
    Is washing the water
    All of her wing-feathers
    Blackened with tar
    Prince William shorelines
    An unwanted highway
    Of asphalt and anger
    An elegant scar
    The oil king sits
    On his arrogant throne
    Away and above and apart
    Lawyers have warned him
    He mustnt speak
    And greed has made silent
    What once was a heart
    You know there are walls
    That come tumbling down
    For people who yearn to be free
    Still there are hearts
    That long to be opened
    And eyes that are longing to see
    Ravens child is our constant companion
    Sticks like a shadow
    To all that is done
    Try as we may
    We just cant escape him
    The source of our sorrow and shame
    We are one
    The true King sits
    On a heavenly throne
    Never away nor above nor apart
    With wisdom and mercy
    And constant compassion
    He lives in the love
    That lives in our hearts

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