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The Chosen Ones letra

     The Chosen Ones

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     The Chosen Ones
    >> John Denver
        I heard how all the lights went out in Memphis
    On the death night anniversary of the king
    The pretenders talking dirty in the palace
    But it doesnt have that old familiar ring
    I see theres been some changes in the valley
    All the renegades have finally settled down
    Now they worship in the temples of their rivals
    And desecrate the holy heart of town
    Cant you hear all those sweet voices singing
    Takin care of the chosen ones
    Cant you hear all those mission bells ringin
    Say a prayer for the chosen ones
    I read theyre pourin oil on troubled waters
    Yet they cast a giant shadow on the land
    Lets spend another night across the border
    And bury all our secrets in the sand
    Now they claim there is a message in the Bible
    They swear there is no master and his slave
    But the futures lookin dim for the lonesome cowboy
    When the hand that rocks that cradle digs the grave

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