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Almost Home letra

     Almost Home

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     Almost Home
    >> John Lennon
        He had plastic bags wrapped round his shoes
    He was covered with the evening news
    He had a pair of ol' wool socks on his hands
    The bank sign was flashing 5 below
    It was freezing rain and spitting snow
    he was curled up behind some garbage cans
    i was afraid that he was dead
    i gave him a gentle shake
    when he opened up his eyes
    i said ol' man are you ok?... he said...
    I just climed out of a cotton wood tree
    i was running from some honey bees
    drip drying in the summer breeze
    after jumping in the calacoe creek
    i was walking down an old dirt road
    passed a field of hay that had just been mowed
    man i wish you'd just left me alone
    cuz i was almost home
    and he said i had just coming round the barn
    bout time you grabbed my arm
    when i heard momma holla
    son hurry up
    i was close enough from my own nose
    to smell fresh cogger on the stove
    and i saw daddy loadin' up the truck
    game polls on the tail gate
    bobbers blowing in the wind
    Since July of '55
    that's as close as I've been...
    I said ol' man you're gonna freeze to death
    let me drive you to the mission
    he said.

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