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I'm Losing You letra

     I'm Losing You

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     I'm Losing You
    >> John Lennon
        Here in some stranger's room,
    Late in the afternoon,
    What am I doing here at all?
    Ain't no doubt about it,
    I'm losing you,
    Somehow the wires have crossed,
    Communication's lost,
    Can't even get you on the telephone,
    Just got to shout about it,
    I'm losing you,
    Here in the valley of indecision,
    I don't know what to do,
    I feel you sliping away,
    I feel you sliping away,
    I'm losing you,
    I'm losing you,
    You say your not getting enough,
    But I remind you of all that bad stuff,
    So waht the hell am I supposed to do?
    Just put a bandaid on it?
    And stop the bleeding now,
    Stop the bleeding now,
    I know I hurt you then,
    But that was way back when,
    And well, do you still have to carrey that cross?
    Don't want to hear about it,
    I'm losing you,
    I'm losing you.

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